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Q. Are your products made in Ireland?

A.  Yes! We live in Ireland and produce all our products within Ireland. Some of our supplies such as envelopes and poly-bag packaging are sourced from the UK.

Q. Where is your shop?

A.  We do not have a physical shop location (yet!), however we supply many retail boutiques and galleries throughout Ireland AND you may make purchases HERE and on our Etsy page.

Q. Custom Orders?

A.  Yes! Please contact us with your art and carving ideas and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Q. As a merchant, may I become a retailer for ICI products?

A.  Yes! Please contact us and we will set up a wholesale account and assist with selecting products that best suit your shop.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A.  Yes! We ship retail and wholesale orders world-wide via an Post (the Irish postal service) and through courier when there's a better deal. 

Q. Do you ship next-day-air?

A. We can* ship via your choice of courier... please contact us for details and arrangements.

* subject to item availability. 

FAQs about Jeff

Q. Are the designs original?

A.  Yes! All designs for Irish Celtic Illuminations are from original art by Jeff Fitzpatrick Adams. Jeff receives inspiration & influences from various sources, especially from the Irish Celtic Manuscript period and the Arts & Crafts movement and Art Nouveau period.

Q. How long has Jeff been designing?

A. Jeff is a self-taught artist and started designing Celtic Art at the aga of nine, about 40 years ago [yikes!].

Q. Are Jeff's designs hand-drawn?

A.  Yes! All Jeff's designs originate in his head and are worked out by using good-ol'-fashioned drafting methods on paper. If a drawing is to be made into a printed product, refinements are made via computer. 

P.S. And yes, Jeff can draw most of what he does by site alone but being a perfectionist he uses compasses and rulers.

Q. Are Jeff's carvings hand-made?

A. Yes! All Jeff's carvings are made in our workshop using good-ol'-fashioned carving tools. Power saws for cutting and dremel-tool sanding may be employed if the wood's being a bugger.

Q. How does he bend the wood?

A. This is a popular question, believe it or not. The wood is not bent but carved into the intricate Celtic designs. :) 

Q. Custom original art on my choice medium?

A. Yes! Jeff welcomes commissions for original paintings via many mediums. Contact us for more information!